What We Do!

1.Our Flagship Business Vertical is Below the Line Advertising (BTL)

The most crucial aspect of idea development in the world of promotions is to remember that the idea has to be physically activated and implemented in multiple locations under multiple situations. The best of ideas come apart at the seams when it is implemented across various geographies and demographics particularly in our country which such diversity. The activities have to be totally integrated, planned, executed and tracked in a very efficient manner - easier said than done. Promotions and Brand Activation have truly come of age over the past few years in our country, most brands and corporates have realized the unique role that this discipline can play in building brand equity. Clients have started investing more money, time and effort into activation programs which have resulted in wide and in-depth campaigns. This Promo - Tool long considered an afterthought has become tremendously effective in making product move off the shelves which is the true test of a promotion. This tool is often more measurable and accountable than traditional Media related advertising. Most Promotion Campaigns are working towards defining parameters for measurement prior to the campaign. Thus Below the line activities are fast becoming a powerful enabler for brands and services looking for last mile connectivity with the end consumer. It is today a must have inclusion in the media mix of a Marketers Annual Operating Plan & Budget. Gathering a firsthand Knowledge of the Consumers Psyche, Buying Behavior etc at the various Consumer Touch Points --- this is the biggest challenge facing the industry in India today and in the years to come. It is this challenge that we are well equipped to handle. We are in the true sense a full service BTL Agency providing Clients with the following services


• In Traditional & Modern Outlets
• House to House Contacts
• Institutional Contacts- e.g. in Schools, Colleges, Clubs, Offices etc
• Exhibition Pavilion Staffing
• Merchandising
• Leafleting
• In shop Demonstrators ( ISD)- Long & Short term with statutory compliance


• Catchment Surveys, Opinion Polls, Samplings &Feedbacks, Market Research, Dealer Activation Audits, Mystery Customer Surveys etc. including MIS


• Between Products & Services having synergies.


• Inside Modern Retail, Metro Stations,Airports, Malls etc
• Hoardings ,Display Trucks, Traffic Signal Poles, UniPoles, Bus Shelters, Lamp Post Kiosks ,Auto, Bus , Tram, Metro & Loca


• Roadshows ,Products /Services Activations ,Launches etc
• Back to Back Event Management.


• Audio Visual Van Campaign in City & Rural Markets.
• Visual Merchandising& Shop Branding
• Display cum Stock Keeping Units ( SKUs) in various materials
• Shop & Wall Painting
• Banners- Cloth ,Flex, Foam etc
• Newspaper Inserts
• Signage –ACP ,Flex, Poly carb ( Back Lit & Front Lit ) & Customized Solutions
• Flex Dealer Boards , Arch Gates &Pillars
• POP –on Sunpac ,Paper etc.


• T Shirts, Caps, Bags, Umbrellas& Other Customized Gifting Solutions.
• Canopies
• PVC Display Tables
• Standee
• Garden Umbrella
• Sky Balloons, Walking & Product Shaped Larger than Life Inflatables



Of late we have diversified into this second vertical and offer services related to all types of Manpower Placements (Skilled, Semi-Skilled&Unskilled)– both in Company Payroll or our Payroll We have for this purpose registered ourselves for all the necessary and statutory compliances like Provident Fund, ESI, LabourLicense etc. At present we are providing Manpower to a well-diversified group of Businesses like Manufacturing Units, Offices, In Store Promoters in Modern & Traditional Trades, Sales, and Marketing& Merchandising Staffing for Consumer Companies as well as Logistics & Delivery Staffing for e commerce company fulfillment centers.



This is our third vertical. We can provide turnkey services from Concept & Design, Material Planning to Finish and can cater to all categories of customers be it Commercial Establishments, Shops, Showrooms,Restaurants or Private Dwellings.



Our Latest foray is into the Digital Marketing Space.COVID 19 Pandemic has rebooted our lives, and everybody is talking of the new normal. While it is still evolving the acceptance of digital as a medium for consumption andinteractionis being increasingly felt.The advantagesof digital media over non-digital media are :

• Limited investments can provide long lasting campaigns.
• Large advertising budgets not needed for effectiv emarketing.
• Exact targeting of consumers is possible;wastage is minimized.
• Measurement of response and ROI is specific and not estimated.
• Digital Marketing allows 2-way communication withcustomers.


Digital Marketing Services Offered by Us

Website development

• Understand the role of website for any brand to strategize the structure & content
• Build the website as per mutually agreedspecifications

Creating ‘digital assets’ in all leading Social Media likeFB/Instagram/LinkedIn/Twitter etc

• Synchronization of all digital assets.

Digital media buying with estimated Return of Investment(ROI)

• Based on definition of Target Group(TG),help brands buy digital media effectively

Designing and executing digital campaigns

• Digital ‘creativity’ has several norms needed for acceptance & effectiveness
• Planning and executing lead generation as well as ‘search’ campaigns effectively
• Provide Research based data & feed back support


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